Sunday, April 6, 2008


1519 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 622-2036

Two out of Ten
Lowell's in Seattle

Lowell's offers cafeteria service and cafeteria class food aimed squarely at tourists, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, even an out of town tourist. In the heart of Pike Place Market, and offering enormous seating on three levels, the only positive thing to be said about this place, other than the location and longevity, is there a very nice sound views. But it is just as easy to find these views elsewhere, especially if you are looking for a decent meal or something beyond serve yourself.
Nestled inside Pike Place market, ordering begins by walking in the correct door right into line. There is a pretty limited menu, and the people behind you would prefer you not to spend too much time deciding. You place your order, receive a number, and then you go and choose your seat. You pour your own coffee (and we had to go down stairs for any), and gather your own flatware. Somehow the food finds you...but we probably would have rather it not have found us.

The food is pretty awful, and both of us were not feeling very well afterwards. We both got the same thing (hmmm.....) the classic EMPT. No spices on the potatoes, runny eggs, and basically not a very pleasant experience (except for the view of course).
When finished, at least you are in the market, but the market offers plenty of better alternatives. I would not recommend.

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