Monday, September 1, 2008


700 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

Seven out of Ten
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Juno has a breathtaking, seasonal menu, a comfortable and modern dining room, and gets my nomination for the best hash browns in the city. And while they are fighting a little on consistency for both food and service as they feel the start up pain, it is definitely a place that is worth the risk. The fresh and changing menu and attention to detail will make this a fine addition to the downtown dining options.

Juno is located in the newly remodeled and converted Arctic Club building. This new hotel lobby is a can't miss part of the experience as the new remodel maintained all the periodicity from which it came. Walking into the lobby is like walking into early 1900's Seattle.

The breakfast menu at Juno provides several great options, including a wagyu scramble topped with shaved Parmesan, and a french toast dish that sounds like heaven. For my tastes though, the standard 2 egg breakfast is what will keep me coming back for more. The hash browns served up are perfectly moist without being oily and perfectly crispy on top.

The comfortable dining room is largely booths and counter stools by a great bar. The coffee cups stayed full and the service was friendly. The main battle of the moment is consistency, which I can forgive as start up pains.

Juno is a really great place to start or end a day in the city. This is a great recommendation for out of town guests or in city retreats. This is a place we will be back at often.

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