Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi-Spot Cafe

Hi-Spot Cafe
1410 34th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

Eight out of Ten
Hi-Spot Cafe in Seattle

Quaint but cramped, the High Spot is a great neighborhood cafe with a great menu, attentive service, and good food. You better get there early though, or you are in for a wait.. It is, however, well worth the wait, seating is plentiful, and you can get coffee while you wait.

The high spot is a 3 story conversion tucked in the heart of Madrona with a great homey feeling. The decor is modern coffee house hippie, and the tables are as tightly crammed together as they could possibly be. But if I had them lining as far out the door as they do, I would be cramming them in as well. With no white linens and a very kid friendly atmosphere, the high spot has a great neighborhood feel, but this is not the place to go for a nice quiet breakfast. It is the place to go for a unique menu cooked well.

There are many different options on the menu, many with a distinctive west coast flavor. I went the opposite way and had the chirizo scramble. She had the tried and true EPMT (eggs potato meat toast). The food was well prepared and well presented. The toast was a very hearty artisan, and the potatoes actually had spices and flavor. The cinnamon rolls carried by to other tables often also looked intriguing.

The service, although young, was very attentive. The coffee cups stayed full, the meal came quick and hot, and any requests were met with a friendly smile.
This is a top breakfast spot, and although a little off the beaten path, worth the trip.

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