Sunday, May 11, 2008

Breakfast At Home

Since finding out I had Celiac disease, we have experimented extensively with both available products and homemade foods to determine what wheat items can be replaced and what will just be missed. For example, a warm and chewy NY style bagel with whipped cream cheese is just something I have to live without, as is a sandwich on crusty baguette from Salumi's. Some things, however, are easy to make and hard to detect that they are gluten free. Fortunately, for breakfast, pancakes and waffles are one of the replaceable ones. They are just not available on any menu that I know of, except at home. Of course I love the ambiance of this place (home) because of the sweeping city views and soaring ceilings. There really is nowhere else I would rather be or eat, but the service here is, well, not so attentive.

Besides the gluten free waffles, this breakfast had two other special ingredients. Lately, we have been frequenting the University Farmer's market. We have become very enamored with the fresh organic eggs and chickens from one vendor. When we first found him, he asked if we had ever tried his product before. When we told him we had not, he told us that we were in for some big trouble, because now we will never be able to eat anything but. He was pretty accurate. The quality of the product is just so fresh. I can not wait to try his duck early in the summer. For this breakfast, we had fresh organic eggs from the farmer's market.

The second ingredient we have come to enjoy very much is the bacon we got from Wooly Pigs. We first heard about this place from our daughter who interviewed them for a school journalism piece, but later have read about them in Seattle Magazine. Their story is fascinating and their product is incredible. We certainly will never taste pork roast in the same way. Their bacon is just as good, with a thick, chewy and meatier taste. We have done a couple of Mangaliste roasts, but this was the first taste of the bacon, and we are now fans as well.

As much as we love the convenience and ease of breakfast out, there always is no place like home. Its the best way to insure the meal is gluten free and tastes great.

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italians do it better!!