Sunday, May 4, 2008

Le Pichet

Le Pichet
1933 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 256-1499

Eight out of Ten
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I have to admit that I am completely partial to Le Pichet. It is one of our absolute most favorite restaurants in the city. We have had so many good meals and so many good nights here. It is very hard to separate out all of our great dinner experiences from the breakfast experience. Although there is a limited breakfast menu, and this is far from your classic American breakfast by any means, the food prepared, the great coffee, and the whole experience make this another place easy to recommend.

The ambiance of Le Pichet is very enjoyable. A classic small french bistro done impeccably well. The sights and smells always captivate here. The menu, although limited for a breakfast meal, somehow satisfies. The food is perfectly prepared and presented. I ordered the ham, eggs, and Gruyere prepared under the broiler. I left well satisfied. The Orange juice is squeezed at the bar, and is a great addition to the meal.

This is a very enjoyable place to simply sit, read the paper, or people watch, all with a common thread of really great food. Not quite as good for breakfast as it is for dinner, Le Pichet still provides a breakfast that makes me proud to be downtown.

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