Monday, June 30, 2008

Cafe Campagne

Cafe Campagne
1600 Post Aly
Seattle, WA
(206) 728-2233

Four out of Ten

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I really wanted to like the breakfast at Cafe Campagne, and find it very difficult to criticise a place that I have enjoyed so many really wonderful and memorable meals. Unfortunately I find it more difficult to find very much good to say about breakfast. The dining room is crowded and cramped to the point where you will be sharing your conversation with the people next to you. The breakfast menu is pretty limited and the food is just not as good as it is for dinner.

I had a chevre omelet with the sausage. The portions were pretty small. Most surprising was the orange juice cut with club soda (or something fizzy). It was billed as orange juice not an orange cooler cocktail.

The service was mediocre and the coffee cups were empty often. It is not that I will never eat here again, it is just that I will never eat breakfast here. This is still a great dinner.


pokerg said...

I don't know if you went to Cafe Campagne because of it's French background, but have you tried Le Pichet?

We reviewed the restaurant a few months ago (I work for in case you were wondering) and were quite pleased with what they had to offer. It's not traditional in the sense of crepes or waffles, but has some authentic offerings.

jeff said...

Thanks, We love Le Pichet as well (so our review) I agree it has a unique or limited menu, but I have never been disappointed there for breakfast or dinner.