Sunday, January 20, 2008

1st Hill Bar and Grill

1st Hill Bar & Grill
901 Madison St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 623-6333

Three out of TenFirst Hill Bar & Grill in Seattle

There is something comforting walking into a diner with counter stools, freezer jelly on the table, and a waitress who knows every one's name at the counter. It is a piece of Americana; the same place west coast to east coast. And somehow the expectations of top notch cuisine are traded for a nice familiar meal. This is a dive judged more for consistency than taste. 1st Hill is this type of neighborhood hangout that has served up the same food, and ambiance longer than most have been in Seattle.

The menu and the ambiance have a distinctive Greek slant, including the homemade Loukaniko sausage and the statuette of Venus (goddess not planet) at the front door. What gets sacrificed in food eloquence is made up for in personality and service. When requesting a gluten free meal, the response was "You told me that last time" and "would you like more hashbrowns instead". As a local hangout, the prices are a top bargain. This was the least expensive breakfast to date.

I had the eggs and Loukaniko breakfast (being a sucker for homemade sausage, and wanting to say the word Loukinako out loud). She had the eggs/bacon/french toast. Not much can be said about the food other than it met expectations. It was not the best meal, with fake maple syrup, nonexistent spice usage, and some sort of butter margarine mix, but a nice cup of coffee that was frequently refilled (although typically an empty cup).

A classic neighborhood joint, the 1st Hill has a familiar feel when you walk in for the first time. Classic diner food, ambiance and service. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you happen to wake up right next door, tell 'em I sent you.

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