Monday, January 28, 2008

Cafe Migliore

Cafe Migliore
1215 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98161
(206) 624-9893
Caffe Migliore in Seattle
Eight out of Ten

I know everyone raves on their barista. I know everyone feels that their barista understands coffee better than all others. I know everyone feels they have the best coffee secret in the java city. And even though I fully understand this, my barista is the best, their coffee is better than the rest, and Cafe Migliore is the best coffee secret in the java city. Hands down, I'll put them up against yours any day of the week.

We stumbled onto this place when we moved downtown and quickly became coffee snobs. Now it is part of our daily weekday (they are closed on weekends) routine. On our second trip we were already regulars, with questions about our dogs (our morning routine includes a morning walk with the dogs) and remembered drinks.

You can tell that everyone working here is passionate about two things, coffee and incredible customer service. They know your name right away. No line seems too long. Situated in the Financial Building, this place provides plenty of seating, unique drink and food options, and very friendly service. Cafe Migliore is always worth a visit, but unforunately they are closed on weekends (and President's Day)...but we deal with it.

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Morning Star said...

I found this place to be quaint as most coffee houses are. Despite this, something different came to my attention when I reached the entrance. From my many walks to the library, I misperceived the name to be Milieure. When I walked inside at first, I thought I was going to be disappointed because this place was only established recently and I thought it was the inspiration for one of the settings for the television show Frasier. From there, I was unsure of how I would proceed with my order. So I decided to stay and get a crossaint with a cup of latte. Thinking about both the past and future, I saw a relation about energy with life. How are we going to sustain life when there might not be more than one existent being in all of the system(s)? Sure enough, the feeling grew worse when I would think about the first law of thermodynamics - energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, the coffee is beautiful and the pastries as well. The combination of the food with the life changing realization make this "breakfast" well worth the trip.