Tuesday, January 8, 2008


2000 4th Ave
(206) 441-1430

Eight out of Ten
Lola in Seattle

Tom Douglas Breakfast: Impeccable service, ambiance, presentation, and menu. Food...ok.

The breakfast menu is small but effective. It has everything you want and several surprises. The made to order doughnuts, which she ordered, were tasty and well presented. I was not daring enough for the octopus/pork belly/squash meal at 9am Sunday. Fortunately, I was able to find the classic egg/potato/meat/(hold the)toast dish. Portions were right sized, leaving us full but not overwhelmed.

The service was spot on as well. A carafe of coffee is provided, so your cup should never get empty (although kind of a shortcut/cop out. :)) Presentation was also impressive with the doughnuts coming in a paper bag to be sugar coated by the waitress by shaking at the table. The cranberry compote and mascarpone topping was also a very nice touch for these. All the other food was flavorful except for the overcooked eggs; although the maple flavored sausage more than made up for this.

The ambiance of Lola comes from an exquisite interior with a clean, industrial feeling and soaring 30foot ceilings. Two rows of private booths provide for a quiet and private meal.

Lola is very much worth a visit with a reasonably priced menu and great experience. I would go soon though, with the hotel and a new high rise condo going up right across the street, this might be a hard table to get soon, even early on a Sunday.

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Katrina said...

I had no idea Lola had brunch! Nice to see another Seattle blogger interested in the brunch scene about town. There are some choice locations, that's for sure!