Thursday, January 24, 2008


1101 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-7755

Six out of Ten


January is the slowest month for restaurants, so it is the best time for a place to shut down and remodel. One of the places we were eagerly waiting to reopen was Sazerac. Connected to then Hotel Monaco, Sazerac is well known in the city for a great happy hour with a wood fired oven for pizza. We had eaten breakfast there previously, and thought it was a great experience of good food and good service. So we were anxious to see a revamped menu and decor. The remodel is nice, the menu the same and the service has gone a bit down hill.

I like the breakfast menu at Sazerac. All the standards, plus a Bagel and Lox platter, and my favorite "Eggs in Hell" which is a nice red bean Cajun themed breakfast (and gluten free!). This time, I went for the standard American breakfast. Besides the bland potatoes, the eggs were well cooked and the andoie sausage was nice. She went for the Bagel and Lox and was pleased with the food and presentation as well. When it eventually came.

The service was a bit sub par, especially for a white linen restaurant. There seemed to be plenty of people standing around, including the manager bragging about how things were in his previous job, while there were plenty of empty coffee cups in the dining room. It just reminds you that on any given day you could get any given level of service...last time the service was above excellent.
The inside decor is very pleasing with a recently completed remodel. The room feels especially large and private. Although the wood fire oven was not firing at breakfast, it is still the center piece of the room. White linen napkins and designer flatware make for a great dining experience that allows you to forget this restaurant is attached to a hotel.

Sazerac has a great menu prepared well and a distinctive, comfortable ambiance. However, with service a gamble, I would save a visit to Sazerac for happy hour, and skip the breakfast.

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Collin Glover said...

Thank you for reviewing this restaurant. We would have to give it a higher rating, though. Like 8 out of 10. It's so rare to find a restaurant like this that takes their breakfast as serious as their dinner. We had the Eggs in Hell which are awesome and the Egg Whites with Tomatoes which if you like the taste of Tomato and Basil you will be in heaven.