Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bacco Bistro

Bacco Bistro
1611 First Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 443-5443

Two out of Ten
Bacco in Seattle

The essence of this bistro became clear when I overheard the waiter explaining to another patron that this place primarily handles the room service for the Inn at the Market next door. And so the quality of this restaurant's food, service, decor, etc is on par with hotel room service.

The restaurant could be called cute and cozy, but at the same time called tired and overdone. The flowing wall fountain is an interesting touch, but the entire place is in major need of a thorough scrubbing. The menu is limited, and doesn't even include the basic eggs breakfast. The only redeeming menu item is a list of fresh juice combination choices and reasonable prices. The service was slow and sloppy. Our coffee cups were always empty, and we watched the wrong order brought out on three occasions.

I had a smoked salmon omelet, that was more like a caper filled omelet. She had a breakfast croissant, but really had two, since the wrong one came out first. I also think the bleach smell from the cleaning of tables as people left didn't help very much.

This is a place looking for Italian bistro, juice bar, breakfast, room service place. Unfortunate for a place so close to the market. I only hope their room service is better than their table side service. The food was negative, service negative, facilities negative. I would avoid this place unless you are staying at the Inn and too tired to move. And then, just order some juice


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Bummer that you had a bad experience at this restaurant. My family and I were just there, and we all loved our food and the warm service :) Never hurts to try out the place one more time!

Cheers from FL!

Park Heong said...
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Jamie said...

I never had bad experience with Bacco. After reading few of your reviews, I've noticed you are pretty negative man who expect little bit too much.

Anyway, I am local, and I've been told that they have new owner and operator since Feb 2008, so it might be different story before than.

BTW, I enjoyed your blog keeps us update!!